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Kassem Mohamad Ajami Telling Different Types Of Iron?

Kassem Mohamad Ajami telling different types of iron?


There are more than thousands of elements are present on the earth and Iron is one of The most common elements on the earth. The chemical symbol of iron is “fe” In Latin we call it a Ferrum. The melting point of iron is 1538 and the boiling point is 2862 degrees Celsius. It forms on the outer and inner core of the earth. Iron is placed at the 4th position on the most common element and it is second on the most common metal on the earth. Steel is also made up of a mixture of 95% of iron.


When we purchased iron from the market at that time it looked very lustrous, shiny, and strong but after some time it got rusted Due to oxidized in air. iron is present on the earth from very past time and a record said that it was found in Egypt in 3500 BCE that is before the common era. The person who introduced iron to the people was Rene Antoine ferchault de Reaumur.  There are many types of iron are present all over the world and alpha Iron is one of the irons that is the most stable from the other forms of iron.


We are using iron in many forms. There are multiple uses of iron. We are using it in every field like in the construction of buildings, hospitals, schools, monuments, we are also using in the manufacturing industries, many types of utensils are also made up with it, there is no any single place where we are not using it. There are lots of advantages of using iron Like if we want to give strength to any building then there we can use it with it our wedding becomes strong and stay for a long period. If we want shiny utensils then we can also use them but for that, we have to use a mixture of steel and iron to achieve that shiny and lustrous look. Many machine types of equipment are also made with it and there are lots of tiny tools Like a hammer, sickle, holders, hinge joint, and many more.


There are many kinds of iron are exist on the earth like pure iron, wrought iron, cast iron, Pig iron, and direct reduced iron.


  • Pure iron:- It is the pure form of iron which is Made with the help of a furnace in which sufficient temperatures are produced to melt the iron. the melted Iron is also known as butter Iron. It is having the white-colored and it is very lustrous also. it is present in very soft form. we can give any shape to it because we can bend it with a small effort. It can easily be corroded when in contact with the air and a high amount of temperature. it can be a good conductor of heat and electricity. it also has a good magnetic property. we can use it for any type of welding. Kassem Mohamad Ajami is a popular dealer of pure iron and he is working with it for many past times.


  • Wrought iron:- It is generally known as commercial iron. Another name of wrought iron was commercially pure iron. which is very soft and ductile. it also has a high elasticity. when steel was not introduced then the most common iron used by the people was the wrought iron because it is very malleable iron. If we want to change the form of a wrought iron then we can use many methods like forging, rolling, hammering, and extruding also. Kassem Mohamad Ajami known for their best-wrought iron and he is a professional worker who is working in this field.


  • Cast iron:- it is a combination of many ferrous alloys like carbon, silicon, iron any other elements. It contains a high amount of iron. It is not very strong iron which has lacks toughness and strength. We can easily change the properties of this iron by a change in the percentage of cast elements. Many other subtypes of cast iron are available in the market that as white cast iron, gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, malleable cast iron, high-alloy graphitic iron, compacted graphite cast iron, and there is an endless list of it.


  • Pig iron:- it is an intermediary element of a steel plant. It was produced with the ancient method of a blast furnace. It is a cold iron made with many other alloys metals like silicon, Sulphur, manganese, titanium, and many other elements. It has many properties like it is hard,  it is also wear-resistant,  it is also very brittle and fragile iron. In forging it is used with the wrought iron. It is mostly used to make electric and induction arc furnaces.


  • Direct reduced iron:- it is very reactive when it will be in its produced form. If we want to avoid or slow down this process of oxidation then there are many methods are available which help us to avoid it like coat it with the chemical which keeps it away from direct air and water or you can also reduce the surface area and increase thermal or heat conductivity. The metallization process is used to make the direct reduced iron and in this process, iron oxides are converted into Metallic iron. There are many kinds of things made up of it and it is also known as sponge iron.

Many manufacturers and dealers are available all over the world who are producing and providing all types of iron to the people. Kassem Mohamad Ajami is one of the finest manufacturers of iron and if you are planning for any kind of project and there you get iron then you can contact him and he is a very reputed manufacturer in this market. He is very dedicated towards their duty and he can provide all your orders on time and you get the world best quality of iron here.



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