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Kassem Mohamad Ajami Telling Of Different Types Of Steel Grades?

In this blog post, we will talk about the different types of steel grades in detail. So, without keeping your eyes aside from this site, let’s take a deep look into this.

In this globe, multiple types of metals exist with different properties, benefits, or drawbacks as well.

From which steel is also a type of metal that has many different grades with different uses. We would like to tell you; steel plays a vital role in the growth of the country’s economy. With the research of we have found steel is one of the most widely used or produced metals in the world. Especially most of the construction, manufacturing, or industrial sectors prefer steel metal apart from others.

Whether it is making a building or whether medial equipment and all steel metal always become a clever choice. The topmost reason for this is, steel has there many types of grades that come with various properties or benefits.

Now we can see the products of steel in our household, most of the useful things are made up of steel.

If you want to choose one of the best types of steel to get your project done in the best possible manner, then you should read each and everything that is written at this site carefully. Because all this information is provided by Kassem Mohamad Ajami who has a greater piece of knowledge in this steel industry.

Have a look.


Carbon steel

Technically if you see then you will be found that carbon steel is a type of metal alloy which has both iron and carbon components in it. But till now in the manufacturing industry is still classified into multiple ways.

There are some characteristics of carbon steel like it contains a maximum of about 2 percent of carbon metal and the steel that doesn’t contain the proper number of elements in it is considered as alloy steel.

Hope you are getting our words, Kassem Mohamad Ajami has tried our best to let you know everything in really simple words.

Generally, steel has been defined in three simplest ways which are, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and at last the strongest one high carbon steel.

Don’t skip even a single line because now we are going to discuss in deep.


Low carbon steel

Low carbon steel has you ever heard about that because it also comes with the name mild carbon steel or plain carbon steel.

This one is said to be plain carbon steel because it only contains about 0.30% of carbon elements. This can be easily found in the markets in sanitary or hardware shops nearby you. The accurate reason for this is that. At first carbon steel is less expensive and anyone can afford this for their projects. Usually, it uses in household projects. Rather than this as low carbon steel contains less amount of carbon as compared to the other two types, it’s easy to form with less effort.

One of the best advantages of low carbon steel, its properties can be improved just by adding some additional elements of other elements.

Because of that, it comes with many uses, types of machinery, pipes, automobile components, wires, and all.


Medium carbon steel

If you will compare it with low carbon steel, then you will be found a slightly better amount of carbon elements in it. Medium carbon steel contains elements of two metals like carbon element between 0.30% to 0.60% and on the other hand magnesium about 0.31% to 1.60%.

Because of its strength, it has become a popular choice in manufacturing sectors. You can also consider its strength as one of the best benefits. Apart from this, it has low hardenability, medium ductility, average toughness, medium weldability, etc.


High carbon steel

High carbon steel and there is no problem is saying this toughest type of steel and the reason for this is it contains between 0.61% to 1.50% of carbon elements and between 0.31% to 0.90 % of magnesium elements.

But it’s very hard to cut, bend, weld, or form.

It uses in railways, train track bars, spiring plates, and many more. It has low hardenability, low ductility, high toughness, low machinability, and high strength.


Stainless steels

You have seen above that carbon steel is defined by carbon elements, as same stainless steel is defined by 10.5% of minimum chromium elements. Stainless steel also contains iron or steel elements in it but the chromium elements are the key factor that differentiates stainless steel from carbon steel and it also gives stainless steel beneficial properties.

It has a high production rate all over the globe and the credit goes to its property that helps steel in protecting from oxidation.

Stainless steel comes in three types, Austenitic alloys, ferritic alloys, and martensitic alloy.


Tooling steel

The tool steel will tell you its uses by its name. Tooling steel is generally used in tooling fields, like for drilling. Tooling steel forms with the mixture of molybdenum, vanadium, tungsten, or cobalt that give this steel power of heat resistance, durable and also makes it much stronger.

Tool steel has its 6 finest grades.

  • Air hardening
  • Water hardening
  • Hot working’
  • Oil hardening
  • D-type
  • Shock resistance types


Alloy steel

The widest used steel metal is alloy steel there is no doubt about this. Alloy steel is formed with an accurate combination of carbon steel metal elements or different alloy metals. That provides unique property to alloy steel.


Well, these are the different grades of steel. We have tried to mention each and all about the grades of steel. Based on that, you can choose one of the best types of grades for your project. Each has its different properties and comes in the use of different needs.

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