Hot Rolled Spiral Steel Arc Welding Pipes

The spiral steel pipe, also called spiral or helix spiral steel pipe, used in many industrial applications such as compound industry, electric force industry, petrochemical industry, rural water system just as metropolitan developmentand much more. The assembling cycle of this item includes cold framing the pipe from the hot moved loop.
Spiral steel pipe is made by the coil of steel, expulsion shaping under the ordinary temperature, and afterward taken the innovation of twofold wire and twofold confronted lowered curve welded.

Spiral steel pipe is a low-carbon steel or low-compound primary steel strip at a specific helix point, also called forming point, folded into a cylinder, and the cylinder is made of welded joints It can be created with a limited portion of enormous width pipe.

During trim cycle of spiral welded steel pipe, steel plate has uniform twisting and light remaining pressure, hence the surface has no scratches. Spiral steel pipe has more adaptable thicknesses and measurements, particularly in creation high-grade thick pipes with little or medium opening, these strategies has exceptional points of interest in fulfilling your necessities.

Heavy spiral steel arc welding pipe in the organization

  • Loosening up board test: After entering the loosening up plate creation line, the principal full-board ultrasonic tests.
  • Levelling Milling: The level steel iron block machine so the first twist, and afterward through the edge processing machine for two-sided steel processing, in order to meet the prerequisites of the plate width, plate edge parallelism and notch shape.
  • Shear shaping: the steel plate creation line along the external edge of the spiral twist into a cylinder.
  • Butt cut: twofold sided lowered bend welding utilizing cutting edge innovation to pre-welding, inner welding, outside welding. Particle foot slice to particular length welded spiral pipe use, etc.
  • Visual examination: by expert and specialized faculty to a portion of the essential boundaries to be checked.
  • The ultrasonic imperfection recognition: interior and outer weld a lot on the two sides of the base material 100% examination.
  • X-beam identification: inner and outside welds 100% X-beam modern TV check picture handling framework to guarantee that the utilization of discovery affectability.
  • The weight test: the spiral steel pipe hydrostatic testing machine-by-root test to guarantee that the weight test pipe satisfy the necessary guidelines.
  • Chamfering level head: spiral steel pipe assessment completed after the pipe end handling, to meet the necessities of the pipe end inclining size
  • Last assessment: ultrasonic and X-beam identification again and spiral steel pipe closes attractive molecule examination, check if there are issues and welding pipe closes surrenders.
  • Oiled stamping: spiral steel pipe in the wake of passing were oiled to forestall consumption, and as indicated by client necessities for checking.